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Sound & Light

Misr Company for Sound, Light and Cinema is worldwide marked by holding the sound and light shows at the various archeological sites (Sphinx, Luxor – Feala – Abo Simble).

Organization of sound and light shows at Sphinx area dates back to year 1960, which were opened in the era of the late Leader Gamal Abd El-Naser.

The Sound and Light project inauguration at El Karnak temple dates back to 1972; it is one of the biggest paranoiac temples at Thebes city which was founded for worshipping the god Amon In these Aras.
The inauguration of Sound and Light project at Faila Island dates back to 1985; they are the temples which wereset up in the Batalema era during the latest Pharaonic dynasty.

The inauguration of Sound and Light project of ABU SIMBEL temple dates back to year 2000, where the king Ramesses II Narrates its glory, victories of its armies and story of building his temple and of his wife Nefertiti.

One of the most important sectors of company is the cinema sector which comprises lots of the important films that were produced from the begining of cinema in Egypt to date which the company is keen to keep in the film negative's storehouse owned by the company and that has been prepared for keeping the films at a certain temperature and humidity; which distribute the Arab and foreign films inside and outside with all utilization methods, including the satellite and ground broadcasting; and works towards opening new markets for the Egyptian Films; as well as practicing the hire- purchase and operation credit for studios and cinemas, including Misr Studio, El-Ahram studio, arts city, Galal and El-Nahas studios; also, the company owns and manages 23 cinemas all over the republic, the most important of which are sphinx, deyana and Cair o Cinemas.

In The Desire by company for preserving the Egyptian artistic heritage, a Museum for Cinema has been established comprising lot of rare possessions of clothing, cameras and accessories and other property that were used at the beginning of Egyptian Cinema.

Misr Company for Sound, Light and Cinema Has become nowadays one of the most Important international companies which is internationally called for assistance in the field of lighting the ancient monuments, touristic milestones and cinematic production.


The Sound and Light Show at the Great Pyramids takes place on the Giza plateau, around 30 minutes from Cairo. The one-hour show begins with the illumination of the Sphinx, who narrates the history of the pyramids and their builders
Using laser beams and light projections on the walls of the Mummification Temple, desert sands, pyramid walls and the Sphinx itself, a condensed story of Egypt unfolds. The accompanying soundtrack complements the surroundings and the voice of the Sphinx is suitably dramatic and mysterious!

Karnak Sound & light

The Karnak Sound and Light Show highlights the dramatic history of ancient Thebes. The show narrates the achievements of some great Pharaohs, with poetic descriptions of the ancient treasures. As visitors walk through the complex of temples, pharaohs arise to tell the story of their interesting lives, as haunting music mysteriously flows through this ancient city. Ancient and poetic voices tell the visitors about the birth of Karnak temple and the heroic achievements of pharaohs and god Amun. It is an enchanting and supernatural experience to listen to sound effects and gaze at the magnificent ruins illuminated during the well-presented show. It is one of the most important temples of the city of Luxor, its construction started in the reign of King Seti I, and was completed during the reign of King Ramses II. It is located three kilometers to the north of Luxor temple. it eas built for the worship of the sacred trinity of Tehbes, Amoun-Re, his Wife, Moot, and son
It is considered the largest temples of the ancient world. Its construction began in the reign of the central state, about 2000 BC. At that time, it was not built at that level of magnitude, however, in the modern state, to which King Tut Ankh Amun and King Ramsis are affiliated, a magnificent temple was built on the ruins of this temple that embodied the magnitude of the Egyptian vast empire. During the following dynasties, each king added more to the temple as in adulation to gods and out of desire of getting popularity among the members of the people.

Philae Show

At each Philae Sound and Light show, the Egyptian gods and goddesses are, like Osiris, resurrected before our eyes to tell us their life stories. The myth of Isis and Osiris comes to life through dazzling lights and capturing music, with sounds from the deepest bottoms of ancient history. This show brings history and the past to life, making you feel the temple alive around you; the myth is resurrected. The presents the myth of Osiris, the goddess of death and his beloved wife Isis, who resurrected her husband using life rituals after being killed by his brother, Set, the God of Evil in ancient Egypt.
The name Philae comes from the ancient Egyptian word Pilak, which means “the remote place.”
A large number of temples were constructed on the island of "Philae", perhaps the oldest of these temples is dating back to the reign of King Thutmose III (1490-1436 BC). In the fourth century BC, King "Nectanebo" (378-341 BC) built a giant temple, then "Ptolemy Veladlv", third century BC, built his great temple, and then followed by many of the Ptolemaic kings and Roman rulers; the most famous of it is the "bed of the Pharaoh.".

Abu Simbel Show

The Sound and Light show at Abu Simbel will convey you to the time of the pharaohs. Enchanting you with melodious music, and bringing the ancient world to life around you, the show includes projections into the temples showing how they once looked. The program is presented in a number of languages with the provision of ear pieces. It is an experience not to be missed, one that will make your visit to Abu Simbel the memory of a lifetime.
It is a monumental temple, engraved in the mountain, 320 km south to Aswan. It is composed of two great temples, built in rocks by King Ramsis II in 1250 BC. Its façade consists of 4 giant statues of King Ramsis II on his throne, amidst them lies a door to the giant temple, and the second temple has 6 statues, 4 of the king and two of his beautiful wife, Nefertari.

Edfu Show

The spectacular narrates the historical story of the temple, the legend of Horus (God of Edfu), and his annual journey with Hather (goddess of Dandara).Also it tells us the struggle of Horus and his mother Isis against evil.
This is one of the most magnificent sound & light projects ever to be seen.
The spectaculars are presented by using the latest Sound and Light technology.
For the first time we use video Projectors units with animated headers, which present (LED) lighting and high quality effects by using the best global technology.
The shows are presented in six languages(Arabic-English-French-Spanish-Italian -German)All languages are available through headphone with simultaneous translation.

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